10 He Shed Ideas to Inspire You

So people are starting to realize that man caves have a whole new look–say hello to the man shed. We guys love sharing our houses with our families. Dinner time, play time –we give all our time and space to them. But with all that family time, it’s no wonder that guys are looking for a little private space to make their own.

The backyard man shed, he shed – whatever you want to call it –is the new way that men are finding space to get some much needed “me time.”

However you want your man shed to look inside and out is up to you. But to help you along your way, we’ve put together a list of man shed ideas to inspire you.

Dart Board

Not all gentlemen lounges are created equal. But for the more traditional hangout spot, including a dart board in your storage shed is a must. This is perfect addition to a he shed, and can be great for alone time or for guy time.

Writing Desk

If you’re a guy with a creative bent, having a good writing desk in your storage shed can do wonders. What kind of desk you choose is up to you. You could use whatever you have lying around the house, or maybe even check out what’s available online.

Billiards Table

Growing up, my neighbor’s dad had a pool table in his garage. This was a great way to blow off steam and hangout with the guys without having to make too much of a time commitment. If you’re the billiards playing kind of guy, this could be a perfect option for you.

Recliner Chair

Sometimes all we guys want to do is relax. A good, quality recliner chair makes a great addition to any he shed.

Mini fridge

You’re gonna want something to drink in your shed, and you can’t just be running back and forth from your house to the shed all day long. A good mini fridge can go a long way for any guy looking to spend extended periods of time in his shed.

Work bench

Maybe all you really want from your storage shed is a productive space to get things done. A good, hearty workbench could be a great option for you. Hang a tool wall behind your workbench for easy access to everything you’ll need to get your project done. Keep in mind unexpected things that might come up and prepare.

Floor mats

Keeping a shed by the pool? You might want to invest in locker mats to line the bottom of your pool house. This way you can have as much fun as you want without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

The Personal Touch

Of course no he shed would be complete if it didn’t resemble the man who uses it. This is your space and it’s important you do what you want with it. Movie posters, awards, novelties: whatever expresses you belongs in your he shed.

Tack Room

Own horses? Another way you could use your shed is to convert it into a personal tack room. You can keep your riding gear and grooming supplies organized inside. Set up a few hay bales and relax in-between rides.

The Ultimate Auto Shop

Love cars? Turn your shed into a one-stop mechanics dream. If your man shed is more of a barn than a shed, you could use it as an auto shop. If your shed is a bit small for that, use it for storing your mechanic gear and spare parts.

These are just ten ideas to inspire you with your own he shed. Looking for storage sheds for sale? Ulrich Lifestyle has plenty of options to choose from. Look through these storage sheds for sale to find the perfect he shed for you.

What are you waiting for? Go out there and find the right he shed for you.

Already have a cool he shed? Share what makes your shed unique.

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