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The English Garden – How to Garden Like the Brits

Updated: Mar 20

Ever want your garden to look like something out of your favorite period piece? You are in luck! This article will show you the many ways people are taking advantage of simple ways to make their backyard garden look like something out of a movie.

English gardens are known more for their use of shuberry, seemingly random colors than for anything else. Yet, the english garden is an old tradition that many people in the US are copying. Why not model your garden in the guise of one of these English gardens?

A short history on the English garden The first known gardens in England were planted by the Romans when they used to rule the island, back in 1st century AD. Following the romans evacuation of the place, English gardens went extinct from historical memory. They did not reappear until the middle ages. It was during this time that monks and monasteries planted in their gardens. They made gardening a big hobby in England.

Like the English language, the English garden is really a cross pollination of various cultures mixed so slowly and gradually overtime that it’s become its own, distinct entity. For this first time since AD 100s, Italian influence returned to English gardens, this time brought on by the Tudors.

Flash forward a few hundred years and so enters the Victorian Era. The English garden changed once again. It was here that growing masses of flowers and mimicking the wild flowerbeds became popular, along with the formal refined gardening of past centuries.

And…violla! We have our gardens today filled with all the wonders and beauties that you see around you (if around you is a beautiful, English garden).

But how do you create one of these gardens for yourself? Follow these simple guidelines and your garden will look more English than you ever thought possible.

Plant in profusion, The British may be subtle in their mannerisms, but they are anything but subtle in their gardens. Find a flower you like? Plant in profusion. Don’t stop till you get enough!

Over the garden wall

A garden wall is a very British addition to any garden. Allow it to be overgrown with vines and shrubs and you’ll look British indeed.

The British are also big fans of mismatched garden chairs. Don’t like gray or drab furniture meant to disappear with the landscape? Lavish in bold colors for your outdoor furniture. You can’t go wrong!

Don’t forget that the best view of your garden comes from inside. Your garden can only be an English garden if the view from inside your house isn’t just as beautiful as the view outside.

The garden room Ever see the secret garden? While your hedges may not be at the same level as the ones in that movie, you should definitely create little rooms within your garden hedges. This adds a dreamy, and certainly, English touch to your outdoor garden.

Add a small garden shed No garden could be properly called an English garden without the addition of a small garden shed. Plant this shed along your hedges, let vines grow over it, or surround with your single flower planted to profusion. Whatever you want, you’ll need a small garden shed to complete the English garden look.

What are some ways you are using your garden?

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