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The Felting Farmer Lady

Updated: Mar 19

After retiring from her job as a paramedic, Lee Charlton got into needle felting — I mean REALLY got into it! She produces wool on her own farm, buys exotic wool, spins yarn, and makes art with the wool fibers. What started as a hobby soon grew into a business.

As her business kept growing, there was no way it was all going to fit into her house. The Charlton’s had purchased a smaller building from Ulrich years ago, so it was an easy decision to purchase an Ulrich cabin shell again.

Lee says getting a cabin shell is a great way to go. It lets you get all the important structural elements of the building in place easily. Then it’s a matter of customizing the interior to your liking. The Charltons have done a great job finishing out the interior, including large concrete countertops, and a gigantic sink for washing wool.

For Lee, though, the cabin isn’t just a place to organize fleece or create gnomes out of wool. It’s also a place to gather with friends and family. She teaches classes, hangs out with wool enthusiasts, and teaches her art to her grandkids. “It’s my happy place,” she says.

You can visit the Felting Farmer Lady Facebook page here.

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