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The Snake Farm

Updated: Mar 18

When you think of a “Snake Farm” you may think of the Ray Wylie Hubbard Song that says “it just sounds nasty,” but the Lone Star Reptile House is anything but.  Earl Jones has over 300 pets, and most of those pets, many people wouldn’t go near, yes Earl has over 300 snakes and reptiles in his 400 sq ft cabin shell in his backyard.  When he first started collecting at his house in town, he was confined to a small storage room off his back porch, while his collection grew and grew, he needed more and more room, so he called Ulrich to build him a space where he could continue to grow his passion.

In his 14×32 bright red cabin shell, he has the space he needs to grow his collection from 300 to about 2,000.  While this may not seem like something any “normal” person may want to collect or do, Earl is passionate about each and every snake in his house; he handles each one daily and interacts with them every morning at 2 am, when he cleans their cages and gives them fresh water.  Earl even takes his friends on the road, and does shows for kids and parents alike, educating them on all the misconceptions about his scaly friends.

The outside of his cabin shell is adorned with many plants, while aesthetically pleasing these plants serve a purpose, food for his and his wife’s tortoise collection.  His wife Ren prefers the reptiles with legs, so in the storage room they grew out of previously, she keeps three tortoises and one very large lizard.  Now, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like Earl’s collection, she fully supports all of his endeavors, and even has a few snakes of her own, however; she prefers the reptiles she keeps that move at a bit slower pace.  If you ever wanted to know anything about snakes, Earl Jones is happy to answer any question you would ever have about snakes, and then he will tell you more, you have never met a man more passionate about his hobby than him.  If you would like to know more about Earl and the animals he raises, please visit his website at

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