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The Ulrich Experience - Building A Detached Garage

Updated: Jun 3

Our custom garage designer, Dan Kinney answers the most common questions about building a garage with Ulrich! At Ulrich, we strive to provide a smooth and seamless build process, while creating a high-quality product that you will be proud to show off once it’s complete.

The Ulrich Quote Process

Most of our customers come to us and they’re just looking for a price. They’re looking for an idea of what the garage of their dreams might cost. In order to assist with that, we list all of our beginning prices on our website. We want to have transparency in pricing of where our models start at in price. The way to get an accurate price and a precise quote is for us to learn more about you, find out more about your project, where it’s going to be built, what type of materials we’re going to use, how many windows, how many doors, etc. That will allow us to give you a more accurate quote for the end result that you would like to see.

 We do that in two ways: One is a design consultation. There is no charge for the design consultation. We want to learn more about you, more about your project, and then we will take that information into account to give you somewhat of a ballpark price of what you might expect to pay for what you’re wanting to build. From there, we would further refine that by doing a design session. We would make some more finite decisions about which garage doors you would like, what size would you like to settle on? And then from that information, we’re able to derive a more accurate quote, purchasing docs, and an actual written quote for you the client. With that information, then you have an accurate depiction of exactly what you want and exactly what it would cost to build that.”

What Ulrich Does For You

As part of your build here at Ulrich, we take care of the dirt work. What is involved in the dirt work? Well, the dirt work includes any leveling, any site prep, any shoring up of the substrate that the garage, shop, or barn is going to sit on. That includes the engineered slab. We always build on an engineered slab. An engineered slab is, quite frankly, that the quality of the dirt is taken into consideration before the slab is designed and constructed. An engineer will look at the quality of the dirt and then tell us based on the building size exactly how the concrete needs to be shaped. The depth of the pony walls, the size of the rebar that goes in the concrete. All of those factors are taken into consideration to make sure that your building is built on a solid foundation. The good news is that, at Ulrich, we take care of all of that. So we actually deal with the entire slab, from start to finish to the top of the garage.

When it comes to engineered drawings and engineered plans for city and county approval, we work directly with you, our engineers, and our design team. We ensure that we are able to produce a design and a set of plans that will be approved in a timely manner so that we can begin the project and finish the project, keeping it all on schedule.

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