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Thief vs. Ulrich Shed

Updated: Mar 20

Ernest Coleman worked for 20 years at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing as the police inspector. As you might imagine, he knows a thing or two about security. When he was shopping for a storage shed about four years ago, he liked the security features of the Ulrich door hardware. It’s a good thing he did!

When word got around recently that some of his neighbor’s sheds had been broken into, Ernest decided he’d better go take a look at his own shed to make sure all was well. As he got close to his shed, he noticed the handle was twisted at a strange angle. He could see that his shed had definitely been tampered with. The thief, however, was not able to get inside.

There were a few important keys to Ernest’s success.  First of all, he had used a high-grade padlock that is very difficult to cut through, so the thief couldn’t get access with bolt cutters. Secondly, the Ulrich hardware was too tough and sophisticated to allow easy access with a crowbar, or whatever tool the thief used for prying.

Ernest considered replacing the Ulrich latch but decided it wasn’t necessary since it still worked. He added an additional hasp a little higher on the door to make it even more difficult for a future would-be thief.

Ernest is very pleased with the overall performance of his building. Not only does it still look great, but it kept his storage items safe.

Score: Ulrich – 1, Thief – 0.

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