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Time Together With Comfortable Cabin

Updated: Mar 18

Jim Laferney grew up hunting and fishing, and wanted the same experience for his grandchildren. A medical professional, he needed a place to recharge. When Jim and his wife Claudia bought 386 acres, they wanted a cabin to stay in so they could spend more time together. 

Jim considered building a cabin. But when his son told him about Ulrich Log Cabins, Jim visited the factory. Impressed by their workmanship, he realized an Ulrich cabin would give them a nearly instant but high quality home. 

The Laferneys worked with a cabin designer to choose a 16×56 Homestead cabin. Jim says, “The designer was courteous. He didn’t mind our changing the floor plan.” He wanted a cabin that appealed to Claudia.

He knew that when the cabin was set up, Claudia would want to spend time together at the ranch. “It made it a lot easier to get her out here once I had a place that she could call home away from home,” Jim says. 

Now Claudia and Jim enjoy reading on the front porch and spending time with their grandchildren, surrounded by mesquite, cactus, and wildlife. Claudia says, “Our front windows overlook a lot of our land, and it’s so wonderful to be here and see land—no traffic, no other houses.” 

Jim says his wife has done such a good job making their cabin a beautiful home that when the weekend is over, it’s hard to leave and go back to the city. He says with the quality team at Ulrich, “you’re going to have quality products.” 

“This is going to be a cabin for a lifetime,” he says.

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