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Tiny But Spacious Woodworking Shop

Updated: Mar 19

Tom Curtiss never thought he’d run out of space in his backyard. But that was before his son Jeff decided he wanted a woodworking shop.

Tom set about finding a way to get a shed that would be large enough to be a functional woodworking shop while at the same time fitting into his small side yard.

With his Ulrich sales consultants help, Tom designed a building that would squeeze in a lot of volume in a small space.

Tom’s woodworking shop is an 8×16 ft Texan. Its has the barn style roof for maximum roominess. The loft provides additional storage space. Additionally, Tom selected our Extra Tall Walls option, raising the sidewalls to about 8 ft. Jeff is not a short guy, so having tall walls helps the building feel more spacious, as well as increases the amount of tools it can store.

Tool storage is key. Jeff works as an assistant manager at Rockler, a tool and hardware store. As he keeps adding more tools to his collection, Jeff and Tom are glad for each square foot they have.

Jeff is currently building magnetic wood block sets as Christmas gifts, and has built the bench that graces his Dad’s entrance. For Jeff, his Ulrich shed is not only a place to work on his projects, but a manly space of his own to relax and unwind.

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