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Tiny Home

Updated: Mar 18

Many couples dream of tiny homes, but not many people actually make that dream a reality. Chris and Deborah Williams will be one of those rare couples.

Chris and Debra have lived in the city for a long time, and now that they are empty-nesters, they are moving onto a rural property. Chris has been planning this transition for 5 years, and so it was exciting when the Ulrich truck rolled up with his brand new Ulrich Rancher.

The Williams started the process of finding their tiny house by doing a Google search. They found Ulrich online and then went to take a look at the buildings in person. Ulrich Consultant Aaron Jordan was helpful and likable, showing Chris and Debra the different styles of cabin shells and explaining their options.

The Williams settled on a 14 x 32 lofted style cabin shell. This gives them roughly 448 sq ft on the main floor. They have two lofts, one at each end of the building. The larger loft will be their bedroom and the smaller one will be a closet. Chris plans to build a walkway that will connect the two lofts.

The bathroom and washer/dryer will be downstairs, as well as the open kitchen, dining and living area. Chris is very much a DIY kind of guy, so he’ll be finishing out the interior himself, as well as building both a screened-in porch at the back of the cabin and a deck out front.

Chris expects they will be able to move in during the spring of 2018, and he expects the house to be completely finished in about a year.

Chris is very pleased with his new cabin and is looking forward to transforming it from a cabin shell into a real home.

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