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Top 10 Upgrades You Can Make to Your Shed

Updated: Jun 3

Most shed customers in the market today are looking for a specific solution but aren’t sure what specifically those needs are or how to accomplish their goal. Whether that is getting a structure with climate control capabilities or getting a structure that will require less maintenance and be more durable, there’s usually an upgrade or feature that will address it. Getting a new shed can be very exciting and making sure that shed is exactly what you need is incredibly important. When shopping for a custom shed, usually there are loads of upgrades and options you can select from.

These are some of the top upgrades and why they are such useful additions to your new structure!

1. AC & Heating

Adding some sort of climate control or AC/heating system is usually a simple process and can greatly improve the usability of your structure. If you are hoping to spend long periods of time or use your shed daily, you may want to consider installing this system. Depending on cost, you can install a simple window unit or even a full mini split unit to control the temperature. The simple addition of heating and cooling can really maximize the time you spend in your shed and capitalize on a really great investment to your property.

2. Radiant Barrier

Radiant barrier is a product that can be used in many construction environments and is commonly used in attics to help reduce cooling costs. This can be added to your structure in conjunction with a cooling system to really maximize the temperature control, or alone to absorb the sun rays and reduce the interior temperature by up to 30 degrees. This can be helpful if you live in a hot climate and are worried about your items being exposed to the extreme heat or want to maximize the climate control with your AC/heating system without having to install traditional insulation.

3. Additional Windows & Doors

When building a custom shed, usually you have the capability to add additional doors and windows and select different sizes and styles. This can be super useful depending on what you intend to use your shed for. If you are storing multiple lawn tools and mowers you may need a larger door to fit through. You may be transforming your shed into an art studio and want ample natural light so you would opt for plenty of windows and maybe even a door with built in windows. If you plan to use part of the structure for storage and part for a workshop you may want to consider a garage roll up door and a normal man door as well. 

4. Interior Finish Out

A full finished interior is sometimes more difficult to find offered, but if it is an option it is a great upgrade if you are wanting an outdoor space that will be used for long periods of time every day. Many choose to finish out the inside when using the structure as a home office, workspace for a small business, or even for a she-shed or man cave. The phrase “finished out” refers to the structure being insulated and interior being covered with some sort of wall and ceiling covering, and usually includes electrical and A/C in the process if you want those upgrades in your structure. This service also can include flooring if that is something needed for your project. 

5. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is typically an upgrade from a shingled roof and can be worth the additional cost for various reasons. Shingled roofs are great for HOA restrictions and cohesiveness to the home on the property, but a metal roof can be less maintenance and often more durable in weather conditions. Ideally any roof you select will be warrantied, but it still is beneficial to have a roof that doesn’t give you trouble for a long time. On top of that, a metal roof can be a really appealing option if you are looking for that sleek, modern look.

6. Skirting

Skirting is a common cosmetic upgrade to a shed that is up off the ground for leveling or structural reasons. It can hide underneath the structure so that it looks seamless to the ground and you don’t see the skids or whatever style of foundation your shed is on. In addition to being a cosmetic improvement on a shed, it also can aid in keeping animals or insects out from underneath the shed by blocking off the space underneath the flooring system.

7. Shelving & Workbenches

Built-in shelving and workbench space can be a really convenient option for an upgrade in your shed. If the shed is going to be used for storage or even as a workshop or craft room, having these items built is a great way to have a sturdy solution without having to find your own shelving and making sure it will fit in the structure. Usually these work benches and shelving are built and attached to the walls which maximizes interior space by having them flush to the wall.

8. Loft Space

Most shed customers are looking to get a shed for storage purposes, but a good portion of those customers also would like the additional uses you can get out of a shed to make sure they get their money’s worth. Adding loft space can really leverage that space to essentially create another additional level of space. Loft space can also be useful for those wanting to use the space as a work area but have a need for storage space as well. They can store in the loft area and still have the entire floor space to utilize for a home office, a man cave, a small business work area, or whatever additional purpose they can dream of.

9. Electricity

In addition to adding AC or heating, electricity is a really popular and useful addition to upgrade your shed for a variety of reasons. When considering adding electricity you can usually select different packages but on a basic level adding some sort of electrical can be rewarding for most shed customers regardless of the use of the shed. If you are planning to have a finished outdoor space for office space or a man cave or she shed, electricity is usually needed. That being said, even a shed being used as a simple storage solution or tool shed could benefit from having basic electrical installed to have lighting in the structure or have outlets to plug in tools or chargers for batteries and such. Adding electricity can improve your shed usage exponentially. 

10. Ramp

A ramp can be a simple addition to your structure but can make a drastic difference on how convenient and easy using the shed can be. Not only can a ramp be helpful for getting any lawn mowers or vehicles loaded into the structure, but it also can make it much easier to load and unload any heavy items with wheels or on a dolly. In addition to that, a ramp can simply make it easier to get in and out of the shed if it is raised off the ground for leveling purposes. Some sheds can be up to 16 inches off the ground in order to be level which can make it difficult to comfortably enter and exit especially if you are carrying items into the shed. 

Overall, all of these upgrades have their potential to be great additions but in the end in order to ensure your shed is the perfect solution for you, you need a builder who has the ability to meet every need you have! It can be hard to determine what those needs are at times, but at Ulrich the expert designers can have a consultation with you and collaborate to create the lifestyle structure of your dreams. 

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