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Transforming Barn Style Sheds into Functional Workspaces with Ulrich

Updated: Mar 14

The traditional workspace is rapidly evolving, with working from home becoming more prevalent, necessitating functional and aesthetically pleasing at-home office solutions. Now, more than ever, transforming underutilized spaces into efficient work areas is an incredible, inventive way to broaden your workspace while boosting productivity and functionality. And that’s where the real beauty of transforming barn-style sheds into functional workspaces comes into play.

The ever-popular trend of ‘shed offices’ can help bridge the gap between the lack of available space inside the home and the desire to work in a conducive environment, offering both serenity and focus. If you have an underutilized barn-style shed or are considering installing one, sit tight and allow us to guide you on the incredible journey of transforming these spaces into inspiring workstations with Ulrich Lifestyle Structures. 

The Benefits of a Barn-Style Shed Workspace

Barn-Style Shed Workspace

A barn-style shed provides many advantages as a workspace. Its rustic charm creates a cozy atmosphere, while its ample square footage allows creative customization. 

Your barn-style shed could quickly transform into a fantastic studio, home office, or workspace for small business owners like Etsy sellers, content creators, photographers, and more. And the bonus part? It doesn’t matter if your workspace’s demand is a need for more room or a need for peace, you’ll be sure to find your perfect haven with a transformed barn shed.

An excellent example of such a transformation is the case of Mariette Burt-Cox from Texas, who enlisted the expertise of Ulrich Lifestyle Structures to transform a humble barn-style shed into her personalized, fully functional ‘she barn.’ 

The Journey to Transformation

From a simple shed to a dedicated crafting sanctuary, Mariette’s ‘she barn’ became the peaceful and quiet workspace she always craved. As someone who frequently engages in craft projects and an avid mindfulness meditation practitioner, she desired a space she could claim as entirely her own, away from the hubbub of her house. 

When Mariette began her search for the perfect shed, she found that the buildings offered by big box stores lacked the durability and charm she desired. Fortunately, she stumbled upon Ulrich during her commute to work in Cleburne. Intrigued by their sturdy and customizable options, Mariette collaborated with sales consultant Ronnie Galbreath to bring her ‘she barn’ vision to life.

Barn style sheds

Committed to their customers, the team at Ulrich guided Mariette in creating her ideal ‘she barn.’ It had to fit a specific location on her property. Hence, they delivered a 12×28 Premier Gambrel Cabin shell, the foundation of Mariette’s shed transformation. 

From Vision to Reality

The real work began post-delivery as Mariette infused her personal touches to bring her ‘she barn’ vision to life. After insulating the interior and adding electricity, she adorned the ceiling with beautiful beadboard and installed stunning stone steps around the front porch. Adding a simple wall, she cleverly divided the space into two sections – one for her projects and the other for storage.

Barn Shed

Now, her barn shed serves as her creative studio and calming oasis. It has evolved into a multifunctional space where she dries herbs, instructs others on using essential oils, and even indulges her newfound love for painting. Amid her artful pursuits, she takes the time to meditate and unwind to soothing music. 

Inside Barn Shed

Beyond her indoor space, Mariette takes delight in her mornings spent on the porch, overseeing her lively farm life. Far removed from the noise of worldly affairs, Mariette’s shed transformation exemplifies a refreshing, soul-nourishing retreat in her very own backyard.


Barn-style shed

So, if you find yourself longing for a space that nourishes your creativity and allows you to find solace, consider transforming your barn-style shed into a functional workspace. Draw inspiration from Mariette Burt-Cox’s ‘She Barn’ and collaborate with Ulrich to create a personalized haven tailored to your unique needs.

Embrace the possibility of transforming a humble shed into a transformative space that reflects your passions and offers solace whenever needed.

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