Popular B&B - Barn Transformed

Ulrich Barn Transformed into a Popular B&B Getaway

It’s not a Shed, it’s not a Tiny Home, it’s a … Bed & Breakfast.


How does an ordinary shed become a popular Bed & Breakfast? Sometimes, it’s almost by accident.

When Richard Tinsler bought a barn, he had no intention of turning it into a popular B&B. But his pet birds got involved in some fowl play, and he had to change his plans.

That change included building a bird refuge, and then converting his 12×24 high-wall barn into a bed & breakfast. Get the story straight from Richard …

(Note: Byler Barns is now an Ulrich Lifestyle company.)

Popular B&B Getaway

The B&B, set up much like a tiny home, has become a hot B&B getaway destination. Richard says that it’s full every weekend, and booked months in advance.


Originally built by Ulrich as a shell, this shed has been finished out with insulation, electrical, running water, and heating and air conditioning.


With a shed of this height, it only made sense to create a full-size set of stairs going up to the loft. That still left room for the bathroom beside the stairs.


And arguably the most important component … running water.
You’re not likely to get lost in this room, but it comes complete with a shower.

12×24 turned out to be the perfect size. It allows for full-sized, comfortable furniture, but still feels relatively spacious.


A (very) high-wall barn, the combination of high walls and gambrel roof allowed this shed to be made into a comfortable 2-story getaway. Amazingly, it doesn’t feel cramped inside.



Beautiful work, Richard! Thank you for sharing your story, and we wish you and your B&B much success in the future. Dream big! We’ve got lots more shed ideas in our photo gallery.

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  • Popular B&B - Barn Transformed
  • Popular B&B - Barn Transformed
  • Popular B&B - Barn Transformed
  • Popular B&B - Barn Transformed
  • Popular B&B - Barn Transformed
  • Popular B&B - Barn Transformed

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