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Ulrich Cabin a Great Choice for Vacation Rentals

Updated: Mar 19

Stan and Kay Myers are the owners of Brazos House Retreat, a vacation rental property close to the Brazos River near Glen Rose, TX.

The couple has had vacation rentals for a number of years now but decided more recently to add another cabin to their portfolio — this time an Ulrich cabin.

Stan and Kay worked with Ulrich Cabin Design Consultant Brian Wrinkle to design their 14×34 ft Ulrich cabin. They settled on the Hardie-style exterior, painted a coppery brown color.

Inside, the cabin is laid out in a compact two bedroom, one bath layout. It features a nice kitchen with generous cupboard space and an open living area.

Delivering the well-built cabin was a challenge. The Myers’ lane twists and turns up the steep slope to the top of the hill. The Ulrich crew unloaded the cabin off of the truck at the bottom of the hill, then using two all-terrain forklifts, slowly made their way up the steep climb.

After the cabin was safely in place, we built a porch over the front door, overlooking the Brazos River Valley. The Myers hooked up the utilities and installed a nice rock skirting around the bottom of the cabin.

The Myers like that their Ulrich cabin is sturdy, tight, and energy efficient.

“I would recommend Ulrich for anyone that wants to put in a rental cabin,” says Kay, “Or even a home to live in.”

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