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Ulrich Cabin Makes a Great First Home

Updated: Mar 18

When Khaled Elchehimi got engaged several years ago, he needed a home for his bride. They wanted a better quality house than a mobile home to put on the family’s ranch. His father Mohamad had purchased a cabin from Ulrich Cabins 15 years earlier, so they turned to Ulrich for a cabin for a starter home, to become a guest house later on. 

Working with Jonathan Ulrich, owner and CEO of Ulrich Cabins, the Elchehimis chose a 14×38 Bear Lake cabin. The open floor plan, one bedroom, and one bathroom worked well for the newlyweds. A porch provides a big outdoor living room. 

But with the couple expecting their first baby, they needed more space. “Ulrich to the rescue!” Khaled smiles. Jonathan suggested a 12×16 addition. With less than a month till the baby’s birth, the Ulrich team built the addition, connected to the main cabin with a hallway. The addition became the master bedroom.

The family planned that the cabin would be the couple’s home for 18 months. It’s worked so well, they’ve lived in it for five years. Unlike living in an apartment, Khaled likes that they have their own house, much better quality than a modular or mobile home. Being on the same land brings the extended family together more.

“Working with the Ulrich family has been very rewarding,” Khaled says. Jonathan “wants to get you in a cabin that works for you.” 

Mohamad agrees, “He’s a good man to deal with and to do business with.” After 15 years, Jonathan is “still honoring his promises.”

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