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Ulrich Cabin Shell Becomes a Beach House

Updated: Mar 19

Not many people have a boat in their backyard. They may have a boat parked on a trailer, or they may have a lakeside property with a boat tied to the dock. Larry and Rosie Witt, however, have a 31 ft cruiser permanently installed in their backyard — no water required.

The boat, named the Lena Rose, has a dock with space for some deck chairs and a ramp that leads down to the beach cabin. The beach cabin is a 12 x 24 ft Ulrich cabin shell, finished out into a nautical / beach themed suite.

When the Witts first started looking at our buildings, they were looking for a storage building. But when they found the cabin, they fell in love with it. So, instead of purchasing a storage shed, they bought a cabin shell and outfitted it with a large TV and comfortable seating, perfect for a little backyard getaway.

The cabin shell is now temporarily in use as guest quarters while one of Larry’s daughters and her husband transition between properties. With room for a bed and a kitchenette, the space is proving to be quite flexible.

The Witts have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ulrich, returning after their cabin purchase to buy a smaller storage shed as well.

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