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Ulrich Cabin Shell is Her Craft Barn

Updated: Mar 18

Michelle Hill has lots of crafting ideas in her head but not enough room in her house in Eustace, Texas. Her crafting business, Shelle’s Custom Creations, had taken over the house, and she had no room in her kitchen to cook. She needed a craft barn!

Michelle and Kyle began to look for a portable craft barn to contain her crafts. They weren’t satisfied with the buildings they saw, until they found the Ulrich website. Kyle was impressed with the manufacturing process and the building materials. 

Intending only to look, they visited Ulrich’s sales lot in Tyler. Kyle was so impressed, he purchased a 12×24 Rancher cabin shell with lots of windows that same day. He noticed the eave and vent system made a big difference in the temperature in the building. They chose the Rancher because the lofts provide more storage. 

Kyle finished out the crafting barn himself over the next six months. “She’s never in the house now,” he laughs. Michelle has a central work table, a desk for her computer, and lots of shelving. She makes candles, wreaths, and custom tumblers. 

Michelle loves spending time in her craft barn, relaxing with music while she works. “It makes me feel good when people get excited about things I made for them,” she says.

Moving the crafts to the cabin shell freed up their house for daily living and having guests. “It’s been a good change,” Kyle says.    

“I’m hard to please,” Kyle says, but he likes their Ulrich cabin shell. “I would buy another one in a minute.”

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