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Ulrich Cabin Shell Now a Photography Studio

Updated: Mar 19

Misty Sikes needed a building to house her photography studio. Her husband Rick says the studio was taking over their whole house, with props and equipment everywhere.

Rick’s mom has owned an Ulrich storage shed for many years, and it’s still in good condition. “We knew that Ulrich buildings were really good,” Misty says. “We actually bought this building before we sold our house, to make sure we had what we wanted.”

Rick says the Ulrich team really care about their customers. “Ulrich makes an excellent product,” he says. The Ulrich shed his mother has owned for 18 years, he says, “is still standing great, hasn’t lost its color, doesn’t leak.”

The Sikes enjoyed working with Ulrich sales consultant Jim to design Misty’s cabin and decide on the best site for it. They purchased a 16×32 Retreat Cabin with a front porch.

The Sikes were impressed at the skill of delivery driver Manoah Yoder, who moved the cabin in over a deep ditch and down a driveway to the right spot.

Rick and Misty added insulation, finished the walls, and installed flooring. Within eight days of the delivery of the cabin, Misty had her studio up and running.

With so much space in the cabin, Misty keeps three areas set up, making photography sessions much shorter and keeping the children she’s photographing happier.

The new photography shed gives the Sikes a much-needed separation between their business and their home life. Rather than clients feeling like they’re intruding into the Sikes’ home, they feel welcomed into a spacious studio.

The Sikes’ house is peaceful and uncluttered, which makes Rick happy. “Now I’ve got my house back,” Rick says.

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