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Ulrich Cabin Triples Family Time at Ranch

Updated: Mar 20

Located about 4 ½ hrs southwest of Austin, Independence Creek Ranch has been in the Buchanan family for over a hundred years. John, his wife Stacey, and son Connor enjoy spending time with family and friends at the ranch.

The existing cabin on the ranch was used by the hunting lessee. The Buchanans wanted a cabin that would be completely their own.

“I wanted to have a place where we could come out, spend our time, have a place to call our own and be able to start to pass along the importance and the meaning that this has to our family, to my son.”

John likes to do a lot of research before buying a big-ticket item. When the couple stepped inside an Ulrich cabin for the first time, they loved the fact that it smelled like wood, not like plastic.

The couple settled on a 16×48 ft Ulrich Rocky Ridge cabin in a two bedroom, two bath configuration. They love the dual loft design, which allows Connor to have one end for a bedroom and the other end for a play space. The second bedroom on the main floor serves as the guest bedroom.

John and Stacey loved working with the team at Ulrich Cabins.

“We’ve been involved now in I don’t know how many construction projects over the past 20 years,” says John. “It was hands down the easiest and most enjoyable.”

Our mission at Ulrich cabins is to help families live more memorable lives. With such a comfortable place to stay, the Buchanan’s time at the ranch has easily tripled or quadrupled since they purchased their cabin.

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