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Ulrich Cabins at Summer Camp

Updated: Mar 20

Camp Huawni is a summer camp nestled in the East Texas woods. Started over 50 years ago by Earl Adams, the camp is now operated by his grandson Travis Adams. The camp’s mission is LTK, which stands for Love The Kids.

Several years ago the when the Adams family needed more accommodations for camp staff and family, they decided to check out our finished log cabins. Besides wanting a quality building, they also needed a reasonably quick turnaround time.

When Mike (dad) and Travis (son) visited our manufacturing facility here in Cleburne, they liked what they saw. They settled on a 16 x 38 ft cabin and a 16 x 52 ft cabin, both with two bedrooms. The smaller cabin has a kitchenette and the larger cabin features a full kitchen.

Because the camp’s existing cabins feature a dark brown siding, the Adams family chose a matching dark brown finish for their Ulrich cabins. Mike cleared a section of dense forest and set the two cabins several hundred yards apart.

The Adams family have found our cabins to be low maintenance and easy to heat and cool with our mini-split ductless units. The Adams family especially love the front and back porches we installed on both cabins.

Camp Huawni hopes to add more Ulrich cabins in the future. We appreciate your business, Travis, and wish you and your team the best as you LTK!

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