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Ulrich Factory Tour Gets Even Better

Updated: Mar 19

At Ulrich Cabins we try to create an amazing experience for each of our clients. We set expectations high, and then we work hard to deliver on our promises.

We want to make the buying process as enjoyable and helpful as we can. In 2017 we built a beautiful cabin park so that our clients can experience a variety of sizes and styles before they settle on a cabin design.

Recently, however, we took things to another level. We completely renovated a large portion of our office space into dedicated sales and design rooms. These rooms are finished out with the same materials we use in our finished cabins, including hand-scraped style laminate flooring, cedar wainscot, and pine walls.

After our clients and their Ulrich design consultant have toured the cabin park and the inside of our factory, they can pull their chairs up to a large, rustic table next to a giant screen.

The design consultant pulls up a cabin design on the big screen, and they begin customizing the design, switching between a standard layout and 3D view as they go along.

It’s a great space to think through cabin design details because the room itself feels much like being in one of our luxurious cabins.

It’s just another way that we make the purchase process as fun and as enjoyable as possible.

If you’re in the market for a beautiful cabin, call us to schedule a factory tour, and you’ll be able to see our new offices for yourself!

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