Ulrich Garage for Drag Racers

Time Warp Racing needed a new mechanic’s shop. A concrete floor is a traditional choice for a racing garage because the rolling tool chests are extremely heavy. The floor system needs to be strong enough to withstand the intense pressure.

Paula Doggett, however, wanted to keep her costs down. Pouring a large concrete pad can get really expensive. The 16×52 ft Ulrich Workshop turned out to be just the thing. The heavy-duty floor system does a great job supporting the heavy tool chests. The mechanic, Jerry Robinson, simply put an extra piece of plywood under the wheels of the tool chests to help distribute the weight.

The other thing that a racing garage needs to do is control condensation. Condensation can quickly rust the many metal car parts. The Ulrich eave and ridge vent system have been doing a great job of controlling condensation in Paula’s shop.

Time Warp Racing has two drag cars, Time Warp and Black Widow. The team races in a multi-state region going as far north as Kansas City, with approximately 10 races per year.

Owner Paula Doggett and mechanic Jerry Robinson are both extremely pleased with the functionality of their Ulrich racing garage.

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