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Mega Cabin Shell For Tool Collection

Several years ago Paul Jackson moved from Memphis to his current home — but there was a problem. Paul has a large tool collection, and his new property didn’t have a place where he could store them.

To solve this problem, Paul worked with one of our internet sales consultants. Paul settled on a 16 ft wide Premier Gable Cabin shell, a massive 60 ft long. “Ulrich was real helpful… you couldn’t ask for better service,” says Paul.

The length of the building necessitated building it on-site, rather than delivering it pre-built. The Ulrich crew constructed the cabin shell in 4 ½ days. After our part was complete, Paul added skirting around the bottom to give it a more finished look.

Inside, Paul constructed a dividing wall at the halfway point of the building. One side holds his giant collection of tools, and the other side he made into a workshop, replete with electrical wiring and various power saws.

Since Paul doesn’t like electric bills, the shop is powered by a generator directly outside his building.

Paul (retired military) and his son (active military) use the shop and his tool collection to craft beautiful Army themed plaques. These plaques are typically ordered as gifts to be given to military personnel when they are retiring or relocating.

“I love the building, it’s a great [asset] to the property,” says Paul. “I’d recommend them to anybody that wanted a building.”

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