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Ulrich Mega Cabin the Perfect Gathering Place

Updated: Jun 14

Frank and Sharon McEachern are city dwellers who bought 500 acres in rural Paradise, TX for weekend getaways. They loved hiking and exploring, but they couldn’t host family and friends in their little “shack.”

Fast forward 12 years, and the McEacherns started looking for a way to build a spacious cabin. They didn’t want to hire a traditional general contractor who would build on site, since they couldn’t be out at the property enough to ensure that the building would be built to their satisfaction.

They started looking for a cabin builder who could deliver the assembled cabin to the property, already built. Sharon researched extensively, even visiting a company in Tennessee. But no one could deliver a ready-built cabin with the size the McEacherns needed.

Sharon wanted three bedrooms, a spacious dining room for a large table, and a play space for the grandkids. With the help of Ulrich Cabin Design Consultant Tonya Johnson, Sharon was able to check all the boxes.

We delivered the cabin to the site in two sections, and then connected them together in position. We built the porch on site after the cabin was in place.

The final result was a 32×62 ft mega cabin with a full length, extra wide porch. High ceilings and a large, open concept design make for a wonderfully spacious living area.

The McEacherns spend most weekends and holidays at the cabin. Sharon especially loves the view from the porch, looking out across their private lake.

Sharon describes the Ulrich culture as having “A real service mentality, which I greatly respect.”

Sharon loves the quality of her cabin. “It’s way above average,“ she says. “I would recommend it to my son, my daughter, you know — people you tell the truth to.”

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