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Ulrich Shed Becomes Deluxe Chicken Coop

Updated: 4 days ago

Erin Schaefgen’s farm combines her love of chickens with her knack for design. She sells her specialty hatching eggs to enthusiasts all over the nation.

After Erin and her husband Corey moved they needed a chicken coop. Erin didn’t want just any old shed. She wanted an Instagram-worthy coop! 

They found Ulrich online and spoke with a sales consultants. They settled on a 10×16 ft Elite Gardener. It features the transom light dormer, large eaves, and generous venting. The cupola with a rooster weathervane is the cherry on top.

After the building was delivered, the Schaefgens divided the interior into two different coops, with a “feed room” in the middle. They added tongue and groove for a shiplap look, and painted everything white. With flowers in the flower boxes and a rock skirt around the bottom, the coop looks terrific.

They added two covered chicken runs, allowing the chickens to enjoy some fresh air but still have protection from the Texas sun.

They recently opened their farm to the public during the Wise County Coop Tour. Admiring visitors enjoyed watching the unique chickens and asked questions about the Schaefgen’s impressive coop.

For more great pictures, you can join Erin’s 29,000 followers on Instagram at @threelittleblackbirds.

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