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Ulrich Shed Becomes Fine Art Studio

Updated: Mar 18

Kay Northup is a professional landscape artist.

After moving to her current home, she attempted to paint in one of the bedrooms, but found that she was not happy, and not getting any work done.

So, she started looking for a solution online.

She liked what she saw on our website, and decided to give us a call. She loved working with Ulrich sales consultant Everett Ulrich.

“It was so easy, it really was,” says Kay. “I used a measuring tape in my house, deciding what size and proportions I wanted. He was very helpful in every single bit of it and he sent me a walkthrough video with a lot of close-ups of their building.”

“We figured out exactly the size and how many windows and everything about it, all the details. It was so easy.”

Kay settled on a 12×28 ft Ulrich Garden Cottage shed with extra tall walls.

“I made a deposit and made the order, and the next thing I knew three weeks later, here came the building on a double axle trailer in parts and [Bob] put it up in two days!”

After we completed the shell, Kay had the interior finished out with insulation, electrical, sheetrock, flooring, and lighting. While the high-efficiency heat/cool unit was a bit pricey, Kay loves the mini-split system. It keeps her studio very comfortable.

One end of the building is for storage, the other end is where Kay will paint and study. For now, Kay has more room than she needs. As she gets more things out of storage, space may eventually fill up.

Kay enjoys showing her studio to her friends and recommends Ulrich to anyone who asks.

In the pictures above, Kay is painting a scene from Jackson Hole, WY. See more examples of her work at

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