Ulrich Shed Converted into Studio by International Seamstress

Betty Osae grew up in Ghana, Africa. Her training in sewing began at an early age, helping her mom with her side business of sewing uniforms for a local school. After Betty graduated from high school, she took a job as a travel agent while she considered her career and education options. Her older sister recommended she learn a skill so that Betty could be self-employed, rather than sign away her life to a corporation.

Betty didn’t want to be a seamstress but decided to humor her sister and do as she suggested. Betty quickly realized she loved sewing. She has worked with one of Ghana’s top designers, as well as a prestigious firm in London, sewing accessories for members of parliament.

Betty was able to join her husband in the U.S. and continued her sewing business from her home. However, the sewing supplies started to take over their home. Soon there was hardly a room in the house exempt from seamstress paraphernalia.

That’s when she started looking for a way to store her sewing things in the backyard. Betty had pretty well decided to purchase a shed from a national chain when she stumbled upon an Ulrich ad online. She was excited to learn there was an Ulrich location only about 20 minutes from her home.

With the help of sales consultant Aaron Jordan, she settled on a 10×16 Garden Cottage shed. After the building was delivered, she had it finished out on the inside with insulation, sheetrock, and heating and cooling.

If you call Betty’s backyard building a shed, she will correct you and inform you with a jolly laugh that it’s not a shed, it’s her studio! She fits clients, sews garments, and stores supplies in her studio.

Betty loves working with bright African prints. If you’re needing a bright new outfit for a special event, contact Betty via her Facebook page Shekina Creations Sewing Studio.

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