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Ulrich Shed Featured in Colleyville Garden Club Promenade

Updated: Mar 20

Greg and Sharon Hidden have been enjoying landscaping for many years, but with their recent retirement, they’ve become really serious about their gardening hobby.

They joined the Colleyville Garden Club and agreed to showcase their property on the 2018 Colleyville Garden Club Promenade.

The couple wanted a greenhouse for propagating plants as well as a place to store their potted plants during the winter. They didn’t want “just a shed,” but neither did they want to spend $100,000 on a greenhouse.

Then Sharon stumbled across Ulrich Barn Builders on the internet. She was pleased to learn that we’re a local Texas-based company and was impressed with the reviews our customers have posted online.

Greg and Sharon decided to visit our factory here in Cleburne to see our buildings in person. Sales Consultant Weston Ulrich helped them sort through their options and suggested customizations the Hiddens hadn’t thought of.

They settled on a 10×14 Heritage Limited, our top of the line shed. Twelve windows wrap around all four sides of the building, for generous lighting and ventilation.

Inside, the shed features two workbenches and pegboard. The couple painted the inside green, and loose laid ceramic tile over the plywood floor.

As they prepare for the garden tour, the shed is already proving useful as a place to store tools and work with plants.

The Hidden’s have enjoyed working with Ulrich.

“If we needed to make changes in process,” says Greg, the response from Ulrich was, “‘Yes sir. Yes, ma’am. How fast can we do it for you?’ We were really thrilled.”

Stay tuned for an update when both the shed and the landscaping are complete!

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