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Ulrich Shed Gets a Barn Quilt

Updated: Mar 19

Sherry Lyall was driving through Illinois with her friend on a road trip when they discovered a quilt trail close by. Sherry hadn’t experienced a quilt trail before, so they decided to drive the quilt trail, and enjoyed spotting a variety barn quilts on old barns and newer sheds.

A barn quilt is a piece of art displayed on the side of a barn, resembling a quilt square. Arranged in succession, these works of art are called a quilt trail, which tourists can enjoy as they follow a predetermined route.

An avid quilter herself, Sherry thought it would be fun to install a barn quilt on her own Ulrich shed. Working with her sister, they selected the design and set about painting her quilt square. 

Sherry also loves gardening. She’s got big plans for turning her suburban backyard into an inviting and relaxing space with multiple flower beds and a bigger patio. 

A few years ago, after she moved into her current home, she needed a place to keep her gardening tools and Christmas decorations. She liked the quality, features, and value of our sheds, and settled on an 8×10 ft Heritage Shed from Ulrich. She especially liked that she could match the color of the shed with the color of her house.

Now that her barn quilt is complete, she’s got a fun, attractive piece of art that both expresses her passion and will help her backyard really pop when she finishes the landscaping.

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