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Ulrich Shed Helps Win The Great Christmas Light Fight

Updated: Mar 19

There’s nothing ordinary about Jeff Bachelor’s Christmas light display. Lots of people put up Christmas lights, but very few people spend 4000 hours and 4 ½ months installing their Christmas lights. 

The Bachelor family’s display was the 2017 winner of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight. The Bachelor home attracts as many as several thousand visitors per night with its magnificent display of lights and Christmas scenes. 

As you might imagine, it takes some serious storage space to house the props for the many Christmas scenes. Working with an Ulrich sales consultant, Jeff purchased a 16×24 ft Ulrich shed with a custom dormer. Having a great looking building was a must. Besides giving Jeff lots of storage space, the shed also serves as the North Pole Inn in his Christmas set.

The Ulrich Christmas shed, otherwise known as the “North Pole Inn” sports dual lofts inside, as well as our full eave and ridge vent system. Outside, Jeff added rock skirting and a flagstone ramp to complete the handsome and practical shed.

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