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Ulrich Shed is Her Perfect Home Office

Updated: Mar 18

These days, working from home has become increasingly popular and sometimes necessary. Both Michael and Tina Daron work from their home in Plano, Texas.. When they began the adoption process for three children, they needed Tina’s office space in the house for the children. Tina needed a backyard shed for a new office.  

She talked Michael into going to the Dallas Home and Garden Show with her—and there it was at the Ulrich Barns display, “my perfect office, the color I wanted, the cupola on top, the double doors, the loft. It was all there,” Tina smiles. 

At the show, shed designer Weston Ulrich patiently worked through the details of a creamy white 10×14 Elite Gardener with them. With many calls and emails, “he was responsive every time,” Michael says. 

Because a finished building couldn’t be brought into their yard, the Ulrich team built the shed on-site in two days, nestled in the perfect spot among trees in the Darons’ backyard. Michael and Tina added air conditioning, insulation, shiplap on all the walls, and stained beams overhead. 

With the big windows and the white interior warmed by wood accents, Tina loves her backyard shed office. “It’s inviting and warm,” she says, “just a really nice work environment. It feels like home.” But she says an outside work space “gives me the separation I need. It makes it more exciting to get up and go to my office every day.”

“Ulrich made this pain free,” Tina says. “They did exactly what they promised us they would do.”

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