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Ulrich Shed the Perfect Motorcycle Garage

Updated: Mar 19

When you have a Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary Edition motorcycle, you don’t want to leave it out in the rain.

Kenneth Shipley used to protect his deluxe motorcycle with just a cover, but he wanted to be able to park it inside an actual motorcycle garage.

He visited our retail location and settled on an 8×10 Ulrich Heritage Shed. Kenneth says it’s the perfect size for storing a motorcycle. “I couldn’t beat it, and I couldn’t beat the price,” he says.

Kenneth enjoys bragging to his neighbors about his new Harley garage. Many of them have storage sheds as well, and Kenneth likes to point out the superior features of his Ulrich shed, including the heavy duty hinges and the floor structure. 

In one such conversation, Kenneth’s neighbor urged him to bring his 1000 lb Harley into his neighbor’s shed. When the floor decking on his neighbor’s shed begin to pull apart, Kenneth backed his motorcycle out in a hurry. His neighbor now plans to sell his current shed so that he can purchase an Ulrich shed as well.

In addition to his motorcycle garage, Kenneth will soon be taking delivery of his second Ulrich shed. This one will be for general storage.

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