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Vacation Cabin in Oklahoma

Updated: Jun 14

Sean Salz fell in love with the Kiamichi Mountains near Honobia, Oklahoma. Years of searching found him the perfect vacation property with a gorgeous view of a spring-fed creek, pines, and mountains. Looking for housing, he explored double-wide trailers to RVs. With eighty miles to the nearest construction company, a house built onsite was prohibitively expensive. 

Then he found Ulrich Cabins online and loved the designs. He toured the Cleburne factory and signed for a 32×44 Moose Creek cabin the same day. With three daughters, Sean needed plenty of bathroom space. The three bedrooms easily sleep eight people. 

“What was so great about Ulrich is that within 10-12 weeks, we could be onsite with a fully fabricated home,” Sean says. Cabin designer Brian Pokrifcsak gave a projected build time of 14 weeks, but in 11 weeks their vacation cabin was onsite and fully functional.  

His family has decorated the cabin like an upscale hunting lodge with game trophies and longhorns. They spend about every other weekend at the cabin and go more often in the summer. With friends and extended family, they enjoy trail riding, fishing, hunting, swimming, kayaking, and campfires, getting away from the stress of the city.

Sean spent most of the COVID-19 quarantine at the vacation cabin and improving the property. “It is far more beautiful than we expected it to turn out,” he says. “We’ve got a perfect place here.” 

Every detail of the process was well taken care of with Ulrich Cabins. Sean says, “We’re proud to be part of the Ulrich family.”

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