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Vintage General Store

Updated: Mar 18

“Out Of Control Hobby” Becomes Charming General Store Museum

For years, Steve has been collecting antiques. It’s a hobby that “kinda got out of control,” he says. He bought items at antique and thrift stores, but friends who knew about his interest also helped grow his collection; they would drop off pieces of the past that they were no longer wanting.  For a long time, Steve stored his collection in boxes and in the house, but he recently he’s found a way of getting it back under control: he turned this 14×20 shed into a charming General Store museum, and walking through the door is like stepping back in time.

Antique Rotating Wheel Cheese Slicer

The variety of items displayed is fascinating. On the counter is a rotating wheel cheese slicer. Next to it is a tobacco plug cutter.  Close by is the antique cash register with it’s unmistakable ring as the drawer is opened.  Just inside the door is an innovative piece of furniture: a folding combination chair, step stool, and ironing board. Not far away is a vintage Coca Cola cooler.  Behind the counter is a whole shelf full of tobacco products, one of health remedies, and another of coffee.  There are needles and matches, pens and razor blades, canned goods and gardening tools, advertising signs and kitchen kettles, a meat scales along with paper and string to wrap up the purchased meat — and a host of other intriguing items.

Nice work, Steve — it’s a great collection!

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