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What is a Gazebo?

Updated: Mar 20

What is a Gazebo?

Gazebos are the classic cousin of the southern front porch. Built for outdoor function with beautiful design, there’s a sophistication about the gazebo that reminds us of warm days, cool lemonade and wicker furniture. Gazebos are often found under misspellings such as ‘gazeebo, gazbo, and gazibo,’ but there’s nothing confusing about how much class a gazebo can add to a landscape design. Imagine relaxing here on a summer evening.

The trouble most people have when they’re looking to buy something like a gazebo is that there isn’t much practical information out there to help narrow down what they want. We at Ulrich Lifestyle have been selling gazebos for a while, and for Q & A time have written up a short guide with answers to those basic questions.

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  1. What is a gazebo?

  2. What is the difference between a gazebo and a pergola?

  3. Are gazebos a good choice for a business?

  4. Is wood or vinyl a better choice?

  5. What about delivery and installation?

  6. Show me: design inspirations

What is a gazebo?

Gazebos are the iconic landscape building, usually designed in a classic octagon though they can also be built in a rectangular shape. They come in a variety of sizes and can be made to accommodate big groups, or made to size for the couple that enjoys small parties or sitting outside in the evenings. They are traditionally elegant in style, and because they have the classic look will fit into almost any landscaping design. They are the a popular choice for businesses, homes, parks and lakes or waterfront properties.

What is the difference between a gazebo and a pergola?

Great question. We also have posts about the perks of owning a pergola or a pavilion. Basically, if you want a floor or the classic octagon look go with a gazebo, though if you want the gazebo look without the floor check with the business and see what they can customize for you. Gazebos, pergolas, or even pavilions are all open-air structures, but gazebos usually provide more protection against the elements than pergolas, and come with options such as screens, doors, electricity wiring, or amenities such as ceiling fans. Pavilions are another option with many customizations like the ones listed above.

Are gazebos a good choice for a business?

We say yes, absolutely. Many first class businesses across the world have set up gazebos for the enjoyment of their customers and employees.

The first question to ask is what the purpose is for the structure, and where will it be situated? Will it be used as a place to relax and entertain, used to serve food, or as a place to rest along a trail or walkway? Figuring out how the building will be used will help the choice of style and size needed to accommodate the guests it will serve.

As seen in the photo below gazebos are an excellent choice for use in venues as well. They can house crowds, dinners, dances and outdoor business events. Adding a gazebo for a venue or professional hosting service adds value for the people you serve in practical use and aesthetic appeal.

Is wood or vinyl a better choice?

This question is best answered by asking two questions, (a) What is the current style of your property and (b) which kind of maintenance appeals to you? Gazebos may need either periodic re-staining of the wood, or cleaning of the vinyl. With either option it is thankfully only on the to-do list every several years.

Make sure to ask the business it was purchased from what the best maintenance schedule would be for your gazebo; with good care either type of material should last you for a long time.

What about delivery and installation?

Good question. Gazebos are a more complicated outdoor building than some and should definitely be set up by professionals. For businesses equipped to handle delivery and installation it is fairly easy, and some will even throw in free delivery up to a certain distance. For example, Ulrich Lifestyle’s policy is to deliver for free up to a 20 mile radius, and installation is usually included in the cost of the buildings we have for sale.

Show me: Design Inspirations

To get that random burst of inspiration it’s fun to scroll through photos of what other people have done with gazebos on properties, or near their homes. Enjoy!

Gazebos meet a variety of outdoor needs…

as a lakeside shelter…

for an outdoor, covered hot tub or jacuzzi…

as a covered bridge…

…or as a pool house.

For ideas on options and pricing, or to ask Ulrich Lifestyle specific questions, start here.

We’re glad you stopped by!

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