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What is a Pavilion?

Updated: Mar 20

What is a Pavilion?

One of the first things we think about are the buildings we see dotted all over the parks and forests in the east. They are usually filled with grills, the smell of charcoal and burgers, picnic tables, brightly colored plastics, family and friends, and occasional raccoons.

Pavilions have also become sophisticated choices for backyards, pools, resorts, and businesses all over the world. One of our favorite pavilions is the backyard style. Ranging from large to small, minimal to deluxe, they are a show-stopping feature to any landscape or pool.

Interested in buying a pavilion, but feeling overwhelmed about where to start with the choices? Understandably, buying an outdoor building feels like a more complicated choice than where to go for dinner. It’s confusing. Ulrich Lifestyle has been selling, delivering and installing both outdoor and backyard structures for years and to help this process we’ve set up a guide with FAQ’s and basic information. Whether you are considering buying for a home or business, these points apply to both.

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  2. How is a pavilion different from a gazebo?

  3. Do pavilions have a floor?

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  5. Wood vs. vinyl question

  6. Show me more: design inspirations

Let’s get started!

Basic Facts about Pavilions

Pavilions are free-standing structures usually built in a square or rectangle shape. They are open air with the number of supports that are consistent with the size, such as the one below with four posts. They come without a base or floor, and can be set on pre-existing floors if the area is level and will support the weight.

How is a pavilion different from a gazebo?

The most basic difference is that pavilions don’t come with floors built in, and the shape of pavilions tend to be in squares or rectangles, while the classic gazebo shape is octagonal.  Gazebos are the more traditionally deluxe cousin, while pavilions tend to be more airy and minimal, though pavilions have also become sophisticated structures since the early days of canvas.

Click here for a link to a blog post with info about gazebos.

Do pavilions have a floor?

Pavilions do not have a built-in floor, and are set on pre-existing bases such as concrete and stone, and sometimes gravel. If you need a built-in floor for the location’s sake a gazebo would be a better option, otherwise the pavilion can be installed as a beautiful addition to an existing base or one you choose.

What about delivery and installation?

We don’t recommend anyone setting up a pavilion on their own, unless they already have a background in construction. Most places will deliver and install, and some include it in the cost of the building. For example, on any orders placed through Ulrich Lifestyle we have a general policy in place for free delivery within a 20 mile radius, with installation usually included in the price of the pavilion.

This is a good illustration of why it is better to have a professional to deliver and set up the pavilion. On several sides there are neighbors close by and in front of the pavilion is a pool, making access limited from almost every side.

Wood vs. Vinyl question

This question comes down to a personal preference. Wood usually requires re-staining every 5-10 years, and vinyl would need a good cleaning a little more often – it depends on which type of maintenance will best fit your schedule or lifestyle.

Current siding (or style) of your home or business is the other consideration. As you can see in the photo below these folks chose to go with the same woodsy flair that their house already has, and it matched the general look very well.

Show me: Design Inspirations

Sometimes the best way to get an idea of what you want is to browse through photos of what other people have done. Here we have collected a range of inspirations for some dreaming. Enjoy!

Above you see a pavilion built on a platform several steps up, which is a great idea to really draw the eye to a feature area.This is a combination pool and elegant outdoor relaxation area. As you can see there is a fire pit nearby and the entire area is private and quiet. The pavilion is the ‘icing on top’ for an already beautiful space.

Wicker is the natural choice for outdoor furniture. It holds up well to weather, and comes treated to prevent swelling and discoloration from the elements.

One can practically feel the crisp air and comfort of the warm fire in this photo. The attraction of outdoor structures is turning an outdoor space into something usable for most of the seasons of the year.

Who says a pool house should only be a changing room?  This pavilion gives an outdoor space for a sitting room and a casual dining area, as well.

As you can see in most of these photos, customizations are always an option. Many choose to add electrical wiring, ceiling fans and installed lighting to make outdoor buildings even more homey and comfortable.

Imagination isn’t limited, and if you have an idea, check with us! We’d be happy to help, and are glad you stopped by today. To get a more in-depth look at pricing and options contact us. Happy shopping!

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