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Where do i put my shed windows – Advice on the placement of doors and windows in your shed

Updated: Mar 19

Whether you’re designing a brand new storage shed, or just considering remodeling an existing one, deciding where to place the shed doors and windows, is an important decision. Afterall, no one enjoys stumbling around in the dark.

If you’re asking, “How do I customize my shed layout?” with the location of doors and windows, you should also be asking, “What will I use the building for?” No one wants to climb over the lawnmower every time he needs to reach the workbench. And storing the fishing equipment in the not-so-easy-to-access back corner is, well, not so easy. Deciding what you’ll be storing in the building, how much time you’ll spend there, and what you’ll be doing while inside, will help you choose the location of your shed windows and doors.

Where to put my shed doors

If you want a dual-purpose building—one used for storage of seasonal items as well as lawn equipment—consider installing two doors. A double door on one end gives you the room to drive in a riding lawn mower while a single door on the side of the building provides access to your storage area.

Consider the topography when thinking about door placement. You don’t want your tractor ramp coming in on the side of the building that sits 3-feet off the ground. If you have a sloped lot, do you want the added expense of building steps? These factors are all things to consider.

To help you envision the best placement of doors, this post includes drawings of a storage shed layout for most of Ulrich Lifestyle’s storage buildings.

Where to put my shed windows

Window placement is a little more involved than door placement. But you still need to ask what you will be using the building for.

Spending time in your outdoor storage building can get stuffy without windows. If the intent is to have a place to work or hang out, you’ll want some ventilation. Determine which direction the prevailing winds come from and place your windows accordingly.

However, if you plan to have a workbench in the building for woodworking or to repair small appliances, you’ll want plenty of light. Consider where the sun will come in, whether you have trees or shrubs that will block the sun, and whether the wall over the workbench is the best place.

Some outdoor storage sheds have high walls with loft space. If you want to have plenty of light while rummaging around the loft, ask if your window placement will allow that.

If the sun’s rays could damage your valuables, consider placing the windows so that they allow entry of only indirect light. Or install window treatments like room-darkening blinds or shutters that close. That brings up another topic—theft. If burglary is an issue in your neighborhood, you might consider installing the windows on the rear of the building, out of view of the public. If that option doesn’t appeal to you, installing window treatments, and shatterproof glass even, is a smart move.

Ulrich Lifestyle sheds are completely customizable. We offer several floor plans to choose from and our team of designers is available to help you choose the best placement of your doors and windows. Ulrich Lifestyle has been respected in the community as the place to purchase local storage buildings since 1972. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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