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Why a Detached Garage Might Be a Good Fit for You

Updated: Jun 10

While each situation will provide its advantages, using a garage that is separate from the house provides several benefits that homeowners cannot get from one that is part of the living space. Detached garages are an addition to your property that have great potential compared to an attached garage.

We will look at each of these advantages and then discuss potential considerations you need to be aware of before you commit.

The Benefits of a Detached Garage

If you are thinking about having a detached garage, here are just a few of the many benefits and uses that these individual structures can provide contrary to their counterparts. 

  1. Lower home insurance 

  2. Increase property value 

  3. Better air quality

  4. Improved security 

  5. Adaptable and expandable 

  6. Versatile 

  7. Better aesthetics 

Lower Home Insurance 

In many communities, insurance companies will offer lower home insurance rates to homeowners that have detached garages. Several factors affect this advantage. 

When vehicles and hazardous items are stored away from the home, there is less chance of fire or other costly accidents that affect the house. These unfortunate situations are more likely to remain contained within the garage, creating less loss than if it was attached. 

Additionally, detached garages eliminate the chance for thieves to easily enter a property. If you are less likely to have a break-in, your house insurance rates will typically be lower. 

Increase Property Value 

Purchasing a home is a significant investment. However, if the house you choose does not have a current garage, adding a detached structure for vehicles can greatly increase the property value. 

Any time you can make a property a more attractive choice for potential buyers by providing features, the resale value can increase. Detached garages have other vital benefits that can make your property more valuable than one that is attached to the home.

Better Air Quality 

Homes that have a garage built into them face an increase in air pollutants. This poor air quality comes from fumes from vehicles and hazardous items that many people store.

Opting for a detached garage eliminates these harmful situations. 

Homeowners will have better air quality indoors by utilizing a detached structure to park their vehicles and store hazardous items, including paint, fuel cans, and other products. 

Improved Security 

One of the largest drawbacks to an attached garage is how vulnerable it leaves your home to thieves. When property owners choose to install a car garage in the backyard, they can help to minimize the chances of a break-in. 

Rear garages can include additional yard lighting and security features to deter potential theft from the property. In the unfortunate instances where thieves do have access to a detached garage, they usually leave quickly after entry rather than continuing to the home. That separation can keep your family safer and minimize property loss. 

Adaptable and Expandable 

Detached garage structures are simple to adapt for more than just parking vehicles.

Homeowners can use them as a wood garage, a storage space for yard tools, or a garage workshop. 

You can place a detached garage virtually anywhere on your property that it will fit, depending on your local zoning laws. Rather than having an attached garage taking up a large front portion of your home, it can sit further back in the yard, away from the house, and even on an angle for corner properties. 

In addition, it is easier to expand onto a detached structure when property owners want to provide more space for vehicles. They’re also a great way to build a home office on the second floor, or introduce a mezzanine storage area. Unlike attached garages, these have no restrictions that come with having a home beside them.


The versatility that comes with a detached garage is one of the more attractive benefits for homeowners. It is simple to adjust its purpose if you no longer need it for vehicles, or if you want a second floor. 

Some residential areas will not have the same building regulations for garage structures that come with a property. That makes it more simple to create an art studio or spare room above your detached structure than if you were to add onto your home. 

Better Aesthetics 

As more individuals are focusing on their property value, many are gravitating away from the house designs with attached garages in front of the home. Although these setups can make it easy to transport kids and groceries into the house, they take up the majority of the front yard, leaving less aesthetically pleasing areas to enjoy. 

Opting for a detached garage that sits at the back of the property allows homeowners to take control of their front yard. They can enjoy their outdoor landscape rather than have a large door facing the street. 

Considerations for a Detached Garage 

Although there are many benefits, there are some vital considerations that you will need to be aware of before making a choice. 

If you want to use the interior as an additional living space, you will need to finish it completely. These extra touches can be an additional expense. In particular, it will require its own utilities, including power, natural gas, or water. Of course, that will depend on how you use the garage. Providing access to these could drive up the installation price if your property does not have any pre-existing lines to use. 

If you reside in an area that falls under restrictions from a homeowners association (HOA), detached garages may not be allowed, or they may have to abide by specific guidelines. It is worth checking out any limitations that may exist in your HOA before you commit to the project. 

Is a Detached Garage Right for You? 

Choosing a detached garage is an individual choice. Homeowners will need to consider all the factors that a separate structure offers and determine if having this style of garage is suitable for their property and needs. 

They can be a terrific investment for your property and are entirely customizable to match your existing home and landscape. So if you are in the market for a garage space, choosing a detachable garage might be right for you and your needs. 


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