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Why Ulrich may NOT be a Good Fit for You

Updated: Mar 20

An Ulrich barn is not the right shed for everyone.

Yes, you read right.

Shocking, isn’t it?

But YOU know it, and WE know it, and WE know that YOU know it–an Ulrich Barns shed isn’t the right shed for EVERYONE out there. There’s no such thing as the right shed for everyone.

So since you’re already wondering whether an Ulrich Barns shed is the right shed for you, we thought we’d help you figure out who it isn’t right for.

Why would we do this? Easy. It’s best for you and for us if you get the shed you need. Whether or not it comes from us. Because if you buy from us, and it’s not what you need, you won’t be satisfied with your shed. And if you’re not satisfied, there goes the long-term relationship we love to have with our clients.

So let’s look at the type of client who won’t find an Ulrich shed to be a good fit.

  1. If you are looking for a temporary shed, Ulrich Barns may not be for you. We design and build our sheds to last for decades, and if you are only needing something cheap and temporary, you may want to consider a plastic shed or a shed from a box store.

You may also want to consider that we have a no-obligation Rent-To-Own, that goes strictly on a month-to-month contract. It works great for people who only need a shed for a few months, such as when they need temporary storage while moving. It works great for people who have an uncertain job situation. But RTO isn’t for everyone either.

  1. If you honestly don’t care how your shed looks, an Ulrich Barn may not be for you. We’re just not all the same on this one. For some people, the look of their shed or their car just doesn’t matter. And they may be the happier for it. We design our sheds to be beautiful and well-proportioned. We have a variety of designs, from simple to schnazzy, to fit into a wide variety of backyards. But that may not matter to you–and we’re OK with that.

  2. If you are looking for a cheap shed, Ulrich Barns isn’t right for you. Let’s face it–there are a lot cheaper sheds out there, and we don’t sell a cheap line. You may be in a place where you simply don’t have the cash right now. We know your pain!

We do have in-house financing options at pretty good rates, and we do have our own in-house Rent-To-Own. That spreads out your payments, but the end price will still not be cheap.

Or, you may just think a shed isn’t worth spending much money on. Make sure you think through the cost of higher maintenance or early replacement of the cheaper sheds. But if for whatever reason your mantra right now is, “It’s gotta be cheap!” then we probably aren’t a great fit for you.

  1. If you live in an apartment complex, an Ulrich Barn probably isn’t right for you. Believe it or not, occasionally an apartment manager will loan tenants a small piece of the yard, and we’ve been able to put one of our small sheds in there. But often, your only storage recourse as an apartment-dweller is a self-storage unit.

  2. If you live in a super-strict HOA, you may not be allowed to have a prefab shed in your yard. Sorry–we can’t do much for you. In that case, we might suggest building a loft in your garage, or an underground storage bunker–or get on the HOA board and change the regulations.

Some HOA’s will allow the shed, but are strict about it matching the house. Now there, we can help. We love customization jobs, and can usually help you find the style, shingles, and siding to match your specifications.

Custom design is our specialty! We love to build the storage building you love.

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