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Winner of Our Biggest Shed Giveaway Ever

Updated: Mar 18

In what was the largest single shed giveaway in Ulrich Barn Builders history, Matt Thompson hit the “Broad Side of a Barn” to win a $5000 voucher. Good for any Ulrich product, the voucher truly was as good as cash at our Cleburne store.

Matt won the contest on a Sunday, the Cleburne Railroader’s final home game of the season. On Monday Matt came to our Cleburne location to choose his new shed. Since he drives past our Cleburne location every day, he already knew he wanted a red building with white trim. As soon as he walked inside our Texan Barn with the wrap-around loft, he knew it was the one.

Matt worked closely with our Cleburne sales consultant Aaron Jordan to configure his shed. As it turned out, the 10×12 lofted barn fit perfectly, both within Matt’s $5000 budget and in the space where he wanted to put it. Besides the long list of standard features, Matt was able to add two windows, double shelves, and a metal frame ramp to his barn, all without spending a dime.

For the time being, Matt will be using the shed primarily for storage. He already has car detailing supplies on his shelves, and up in the loft he’s storing kids toys and a set of rims. 

Matt was blown away by the quality of the shed when it arrived. In fact, the whole process was really easy. 

Everything, that is, except hitting the “Broad Side of a Barn.” Even with a few years of high school baseball under his belt, Matt missed the barn on his first two swings. He adjusted his swing to put a little backspin on the ball, and successfully hit the “Broad Side of a Barn” on his third attempt. He sure is glad he did! 

Congrats, Matt! Enjoy your new barn!

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