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Woodworker’s Paradise

Updated: Mar 18

Michael enjoys tackling all sorts of projects in his shed workshop, whether it’s transforming a lowly gourd into a fanciful fairy house for his granddaughters or building a chicken coop for his wife.

Michael Natcher was an HVAC contractor. After he retired, he and his wife Becky moved to be closer to the grandkids.

Michael is really handy when it comes to building things out of wood, and has a large selection of woodworking tools.

Michael had already shed shopped at the big box stores when he noticed an Ulrich store. He liked that our sales consultant was knowledgeable and patient, walking him through the different sizes and styles. In the end, Michael decided to purchase the 12×20 ft Garden Cottage.

He lined the walls and ceiling with insulation and sheetrock and had an electrician connect power from his electric meter to his shed. With a heating and cooling unit, Michael can work in comfort in any weather.

He wants the center of the shed to be as open as possible, so he stores his tools around the perimeter. He mounted most of his power tools and workbenches on wheels, allowing him to wheel them into the center of the shed when he needs them, and keep them out of the way when he doesn’t.

“Most men have man caves,” says Michael. “I have my shed to retreat to.”

“So I spend a lot of time out here. I listen to music while I work, and it’s my place of solitude.”

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