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Writing Studio Customer Returns to Ulrich For Large Cabin Shell

Updated: Mar 18

Bridget Forge rose from humble beginnings to her current position as an executive at a large international company. She wanted to share her story with others by writing a book, in hopes of motivating other ladies to emulate her success. For that, she needed a writing studio.

Bridget and her husband live in the city, but own a weekend getaway near the lake. She wanted to build the studio on her lake property.

After finding Ulrich online, Forge contacted Steven Lockwood in our internet sales department. Steven helped Bridget design a small 10×14 ft Heritage with extra tall walls. The Forges finished it out and Bridget began writing.

Fast forward about two years — the Forges wanted to add a cabin to their property for hosting guests. They needed a structure that could withstand the high winds and heavy rains that occur at the lake.

Bridget again worked with Steven Lockwood to purchase a 14×36 Retreat. Natural lighting is really important to Bridget, so she customized her cabin to include ten windows.

After the cabin was delivered, the Forges used a combination of contractors and elbow grease to transform the interior of the cabin shell into an elegant one bedroom cabin.

Initially, the Forges has planned to be at the lake once a month, but they love it so much that they spend every other weekend at the lake property.

Bridget has enjoyed working with Steven Lockwood and Ulrich. “If you want to rate Steven [from] one star to five stars,” she says, “he in my book actually gets six stars.”

“There are so many cabin builders out there in the market, but I can tell you just having the opportunity to work with Ulrich, I will recommend them over any other builders.”

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