Ulrich Proven Process™

Step 1


  • Consultation takes about 20 minutes depending on the complexity of your goals
  • Your true needs, dreams, & wants are discovered – both immediate & long term
  • Any building restrictions on your property are identified (HOA / Permits)
  • You are matched with the perfect team member to design your structure

Step 2


  • Design to fit your lifestyle goals using proprietary software
  • Conduct virtual site inspection and create the blueprint of your perfect structure and how it functions with your property and lifestyle 
  • We pay our expert designers to serve you – whether you choose to work with us or not! 
  • Once you have the perfect solution, you will sign project documents and place your deposits

Step 3


  • Dedicated project manager assigned and confirms delivery requirements
  • Any permits/HOA approvals received and your project is released for production
  • Set target install date and begin cutting, nail, and painting! 
  • Production process is completed, and your dream structure is ready for installation

Step 4


  • Confirm your install date
  • Onsite install completed with immediate post install inspection
  • Collect final payment, then handoff of keys & documents

Step 5


Our Promise: You’ll be so happy, you can’t help but tell everyone.


Working with the Ulrich family has been very rewarding."

Our QualIty

Our Customers Love the Quality
of our Premium-Level Structures.

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You can’t build a great structure using subpar materials. For example, the quality of the exterior paint is vital to keeping your building protected from the elements and looking good over the long haul. For that reason, we use the highly regarded Sherwin Williams line of exterior paint on most of our buildings.


Attention to detail is often what separates average products from truly great products. The same holds true when it comes to sheds, cabins, and garages. It’s all the little things, like caulking nail holes, careful trim painting, and neat fascia trim installation that come together to create the unmistakable aura of quality on one of our premium-level structures.


Our products are designed not only to look good today, but to last for many years to come. Many of our premium-level products are built to meet or exceed international building codes. Some people might argue that we overbuild our sheds, garages, and cabins, but we don’t apologize. We know our customers love the security and durability that comes with an incredibly solid structure. 

Our Story

At Ulrich, we have built and sold thousands of sheds, cabins, garages, and outdoor living structures.

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Get Started

Start Design Process


This is where we sit down and talk about the specifics of your project – including your needs, dreams, wants, and project investment goals as you learn about our proven process and our 3-uniques.

  • Overview of the Ulrich Proven Process to clarify your expectations
  • Project site overview
  • Learn about your needs, dreams, wants, and budget
  • Lifestyle usage and long term goals
  • Identify any known local building codes / HOA restrictions
  • Direct to the perfect team member to design your structure

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