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Create your own backyard oasis


Create your own backyard oasis with one of these beautiful gazebos, pergolas, or pavilions. Built to last, these structures are equally suited for hosting an epic backyard party, or providing a peaceful spot to kick back and relax by yourself. If you’re looking to add “wow” factor to your backyard, you’ve come to the right place.


Encourage outdoor play

Whether you want to give your kids the ultimate Christmas present, or you want to surprise them with a playhouse “just because”, the special little person in your life will love having their own playhouse. In an age when most kids spend too much time on their devices, a playhouse is the ultimate old school way to encourage outdoor play. These playhouses are not only adorable, they’re built to last.

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Everyone was watching in amazement as they brought it in."

The differences between the Ulrich playhouses

You can see from the pictures that our playhouse models look different from each other. Here’s a quick overview of how these playhouse models are the same, and how they’re different.

Between Playhouses


All of these playhouses are built with the same high standards of quality you would expect from an Ulrich structure. From quality wood framing, to durable paint and shingles, all of our playhouses are built for the long haul.


All of our playhouses feature a small child’s door, and a larger door for adults, which makes it easy when you want to check in on the kids, or add large play accessories.


All of our playhouses feature a loft with cute railings, accessed with a kid-sized ladder. These lofts take playhouse fun to the next level, whether it’s an imaginary lookout on a pirate ship, or the princess’s royal sleeping quarters.


It looks like a little cottage in the backyard.”

Between Playhouses


While all of these models can be ordered in a variety of sizes, the Cape Cottage offers the largest sizes, while the Hideaway and Victorian Cottage offer smaller sizes.


This is probably the most notable difference between our playhouse models. If you look at the photos, you’ll see that the Victorian Cottage has no porch. The Hideaway has a porch on the end (narrow side) of the playhouse. The Cape Cottage has the largest porch, running the entire length of the playhouse.

Playhouse interior finish out

We offer interior finish out options to make your child’s playhouse comfortable year around. Talk to one of our designers to get answers to all your playhouse questions.

Design Your Child’s Dream Playhouse

Which outdoor structure is right for me?


When considering a backyard structure, choosing the right style to fit your needs can take some evaluation. Use, location, and style are all things to consider.

A gazebo or pergola offers more elegant outdoor seating than a pavilion. Both look lovely with flowering vines or planters and come in wood or vinyl.

Want a solid floor? Gazebos have deck floors, while pavilions are erected over concrete or stone patios. So, if you want a garden structure to grow roses on, you don’t want a pavilion. And while those roses would look lovely on a pergola arching over a walkway or patio, a gazebo provides a larger sitting area. So, if you want to entertain in your structure, go with the gazebo.

For a more rustic location, choose a pavilion. These larger structures blend nicely into wooded environments or property away from home.

No matter which you choose—pergola, pavilion, or gazebo—having an outdoor living area adds value and style to your home. If you need assistance with design or color choices, consult with one of our designers today!

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