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Outdoor Living

The Hideaway.png

The Hideaway

The Hideaway is the ideal way to play outside anytime of year.

Starting at $6,500

The Victorian Cottage.png

The Victorian Cottage

The Victorian Cottage is available in a variety of sizes and is excellent...

Starting at $6,500

The Alpine Pavilion.png

The Alpine Pavilion

The Alpine pavilion is made from hand-selected red cedar for exceptional...

Starting at $9,600

The Kingston Pergola.png

The Kingston Pergola

The Kingston stands out as the rugged, big boy of the pergola world, built...

Starting at $10,700

The Hearthside Pergola.png

The Hearthside Pergola

The look to transform an outdoor space into a charming, Italian trattoria...

Starting at $3,500

The Rectangular Gazebo.png

The Rectangular Gazebo

Some architectural styles call for the square look and traditional corners...

Starting at $5,200

The Octagon Gazebo.png

The Octagon Gazebo

The Octagon Gazebo keeps the traditional, intimate shape while blending...

Starting at $3,700

The Traditional Pavilion.png

The Traditional

As a hub of friendly activity, the pavilion is a place that brings people together...

Starting at $6,800

The Cape Cottage.png

The Cape Cottage

The Cape Cottage is a whimsical structure featuring two decorative dormers...

Starting at $7,700

The Hampton Pavilion.png

The Hampton Pavilion

The steep roof pitch adds character, and the 2×4 double main rafters are covered with...

Starting at $14,200

The Traditional Pergola.png

The Traditional Pergola

Why let the feeling of home stop at your door? Extend the invitation of home...

Starting at $3,400

The Artisan Pergola.png

The Artisan Pergola

If you love the natural beauty of your yard, The Artisan Pergola is a show-stopping...

Starting at $4,600

The Arcadian Pergola.png

The Arcadian Pergola

The Arcadian Pergola is built for homeowners who appreciate the beauty...

Starting at $6,200

The Oval Gazebo.png

The Oval

Are you needing a peaceful, quiet retreat removed from the demands of...

Starting at $6,100

The Dodecagon Gazebo.png

The Dodecagon Gazebo

The Dodecagon Gazebo is a 12-sided beauty that is itching to be in your backyard...

Starting at $25,200

The Grand Estate Pavilion.png

The Grand Estate Pavilion

One of the chief attractions of the Grand Estate pavilion is plenty of space to...

Starting at $22,600

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