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Choosing the Right Builder

Choosing the builder for your cabin or custom garage is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Here are a few tips to help you find the builder that’s right for you.

Expertise In Design

Working with an average designer versus working with a talented designer can be the difference between an “okay” structure and an amazing structure. Choose a company that has passionate designers who love the process of helping you design the perfect structure.


Look for a builder who can customize the design to meet your needs. If a company is unwilling to adjust their floor plans to match your lifestyle, you’re probably not going to get the building that’s perfect for you.

The High Cost Of Low Bids

Everybody likes to save money, but we’ve all had bad experiences with cheaply made goods. Cabins and custom workshop garages are the same way, both in terms of materials and customer service. If you want the best, it’s going to be a substantial investment.

When it comes to an Ulrich structure, ‘investment’ is the right term. An Ulrich building will greatly increase the value of your real estate.

Experience With Permits

Getting the right permits, particularly for a custom garage, is critical to avoiding legal headaches with your city. Look for a builder that will help you through the process, rather than dump it all in your lap.


Like your home, a fully finished cabin is a complex structure. You want to make sure that your builder stands behind their work, offering cheerful, no hassle warranty service in case there are any issues. Since most of the issues will show up within the first year or two, look for a builder that offers a really solid warranty for the first several years.


Don’t forget to check out the reviews. Any company can claim to offer great service, but the proof is in the pudding. Reviews can help you find a builder with a reputation for treating their customers fairly, and keeping their promises.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize everything on this page. We’ve created a handy checklist you can download for free.

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