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Ulrich Shed a Spinning Studio

Updated: Mar 19

A little like a modern Rumpelstiltskin, Laurie Golding spins animal fibers into yarn. Laurie said, “My passion for color has led me to the fiber world” of wool, alpaca, and angora. 

Her sunroom was overrun with carding and spinning equipment used in her small business. Laurie needed a shed to hold it all. She did not want to tear down her new fence to get a shed in, and the gate was not wide enough to bring in a shed of the needed size.

She researched online for a backyard shed and looked at local big box stores, but was disappointed with the poor quality of those sheds. 

Laurie was impressed with the Ulrich Barn Builders website and went to our local lot to look at the buildings. She found that the Ulrich sheds were of a much higher quality than many she had seen.

The option to build onsite, as well as the quality of the sheds, convinced Laurie to purchase an Ulrich shed. She chose a 12×24 Garden Cottage Shed with four windows, double barn doors, and a ramp. 

Laurie had a good experience working with sales associate Weston Ulrich to design the details of her shed.  She said, “He was really good to work with. I really enjoyed our relationship; he was very helpful.” 

After the shed was built, Laurie’s grandson painted some of the trim details red to coordinate with her house. She had laminate flooring, heating, cooling, and electricity installed. She had a chandelier hung, along with some work lights, adding oil paintings to brighten the space.

Laurie enjoyed watching as the shed was built onsite. “From beginning to end, the relationship and experience I had with Ulrich was just perfect,” she said.



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