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Premier Vinyl Cottage2

8×8-14×36 starting at $3094
*Prices vary by features and location.

Our Premier Vinyl Cottage is protected by durable low-maintenance vinyl siding. Choose from a variety of colors to meet HOA standards or match your home. The attention to detail in our Premier Series includes features like gable vents, overhangs on both the eaves and gable ends, and 7-foot studs.

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Standard features:

  • LP TechShield Radiant-barrier sheathing
  • Fiberglass double doors
  • Two windows w/ shutters (one window on sheds less then 16 feet long)
  • European 2×4 lumber in walls and ceiling, 16′′ on-center
  • Pressure-treated floor system (all skids, all joists) 16″ OC
  • 7′ studs
  • 5/12 pitch roof
  • 5/8” LP Shed Floor
  • Aluminum Door Threshold
  • Two gable vents
  • 5″ overhangs on eaves 3.5″ on gables
  • Larger than 12×20 requires gravel pad
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