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Pro Series Painted Cottage

8×8-12×20 starting at $2492
*Prices vary by features and location.

Without sacrificing quality, the Pro Series Painted Cottage is both practical and affordable. On this popular classic style, LP Smart Panel siding, quality European lumber, and 16″ on center wall construction are standard features. Your choice of colors personalizes this simple, built-to-last, solution to your storage needs.

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Standard features:

  • LP Smart Panel Siding
  • 6′ studs
  • Pressure Treated Floor System 16″ OC
  • LP Shed Floor
  • One window in 8’ and 10’ wide 2 windows in the 12’ Wide
  • 5/12 pitch Shingle roof
  • Double Doors
  • 3/8″ LP Smart Panel Siding
  • European 2×4 lumber Walls 16″ OC
  • 2×4 rafters with collar ties 24″ OC
  • Solid Color paint
  • 5 year warranty

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