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Post Frame Garages — Economical, Strong, Attractive

If you are looking for an inexpensive, long-lasting garage available in any size, a post frame garage (aka pole barn) may be the answer for you. Because of the way post frame garages are built, you save on labor and materials. When engineered and built by experienced and honest builders, post frame buildings are incredibly stable, efficient, and long-lasting.

Post frame garages come in any style you want. It can look like a basic agricultural or commercial building. Or, it can have flair that looks at home in the suburbs.

You Have Options

Options? Lots! You can have a concrete floor–or you can wait. A gravel or dirt floor can save you money. You can go bare bones, or you can partition, insulate, wire, and heat a post frame garage. Choose the lighting you need with natural sky lights or eave lighting, or wire it to light up every square inch of space. Do you need a garage? a workshop? an animal shelter? a living space? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. And in fact, you can mix and match these under the same roof.

More Options

More options? Indeed. For agricultural applications you can get high doors, or no doors at all. If you need more square footage for the dollar, you can have an open-front shed. Go with a single story, or expand your storage or living space with a 2-story building.


Sizes vary widely. Our smallest post frame garage is usually no smaller than 16×20. But grow from there to any size you need. Post frame garages can be small enough to house a car or two, and large enough to put large tractors, balers, and combines under a roof.


$15,000 can get you in small garage. A 2-car garage (24×24) may run around $20,000. Other garages go to $30,000 and beyond. The fact that you have so many options makes it difficult to give a precise cost without knowing what you need. Here are some of the deciding factors in cost.

  • Height. Double-story gives more square feet of usable space to the dollar–but it still costs more dollars.
  • Garage doors. Standard or high, single or double. Or, no garage doors at all.
  • Windows and walk-through doors. The number and size of windows and doors affect price. Choose windows that are super-efficient and dressed up to the nines, or windows that are basic and keep out the rain and wind.
  • Floor. Dirt, gravel, or concrete.
  • Roofing. Metal or asphalt shingles, with or without guttering.
  • Finishing. Insulation, wiring, lighting, sheet rock or wood panel lining.

Garage Financing

We offer in-house financing! We are working together with SunTrust Bank, a local bank, to offer you some pretty amazing rates for any loans from $5000 – $100,000. Apply online right now, and find out what interest rate you qualify for. For more information, click here: Barn and Shed Financing.

Learn More

Interested in more information on a post frame garage? Request our FREE Garage Buying Guide.

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