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Shed Delivery Virginia

Shed Delivery Video

We’ve been asked periodically, “How are you going to get that building into my backyard?!?” Great question! When you stop and think about it, rolling a storage shed down the road on wheels is really pretty remarkable. Lots of people have seen–and become accustomed–to seeing that very sight, but until they decide they want that storage shed in their backyard, they’ve never stopped to wonder how it might get there. Once the building arrives at your home, there are three basic steps that the shed delivery crew will go through for most deliveries.

Shed Delivery Step 1

The first step is (usually) fairly simple: They need to get the building back to the site. They may go up a driveway or down a lawn, over the mountain and through the woods, but they can’t go through the house–so make sure they have a clear path. Occasionally a client will forget to think about this, and the shed delivery crew have their way blocked by a fence or a tree.

Here is a video of the first step. . .

Shed Delivery Step 2

The second step is to give building something to sit on. It could sit on the ground, but most places around here aren’t very level–and then not only would the building look odd, the doors and windows could bind. Furthermore, if the building sits on soil, it will cause even treated lumber to rot. The most common solution is cement blocks, but a number of people will also build a gravel pad or pour a concrete pad. Byler shed delivery crews will set up your building on blocks free of charge (if your site is more than a foot out of level, you’ll need to pay for the extra blocks). But if you decide to set the building on gravel or concrete, make sure your pad is perfectly level!

Shed Delivery Step 3

If you do a block set, getting the blocks level so the building will sit level is quite a trick! Our shed delivery guys are experienced and efficient, and you can watch them set the blocks and (third step)drop the shed onto the blocks in this next video.

This gives you a good idea of how the basic shed delivery and set goes. Of course, every set is different, but a good shed delivery crew learns to navigate a building pretty much any place you could navigate your truck–and a few more, besides. If there is absolutely no way into your back yard by land, we do have a helicopter that we would be happy to . . . ah, but we sold it, so that idea won’t fly. What we can do, though, is build it on-site, right in your back yard. We deliver buildings (free delivery within 20 miles of any of our retail lots!), but we can move many portable buildings as well.

Contact our sales rep’s at any of our retail lots if you are uncertain whether a building can be wiggled into your back yard. A sales rep will be able to come out and do a free site check, and will be able to help you get into the perfect building to meet your needs.

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