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Create a welcoming home for your horses with our Shed Row Barn. The open design offers abundant natural light and ventilation, while customizable stalls ensure a comfortable and safe space for your horses. 


Key Features:

  • Spacious & Configurable Stalls

  • Flexible Design 

  • Optional Porch for Convenient Accessibility 


Ready to Create Your Ideal Horse Barn? Contact us today to start your project. Our team is ready to help you build the perfect home for your horses.

Starting at $8,500

The Shed Row Barn is uniquely designed for space efficiency. It features versatile stall sizing extending to up to 24 complemented by a customizable front porch. This barn's practical L-shaped layout optimizes boarding access for compact areas.

Key Features & Customization Options:

  • Stall Options: Choose from standard sizes or extend to double size for additional space.

  • Doors and Ventilation: Each stall includes Dutch doors, a 4'x4' grill section for airflow, and a feeder panel.

  • Construction: All galvanized steel has a 12 Gauge base channel and 14 Gauge wall and roof framing.

  • Wall Panels: 26 Gauge galvanized over 3/4" plywood walls, offering a lifetime kick-through warranty.

  • Color Selection: Pick from a variety of exterior siding and roofing colors.

  • Roof Design: Features a 26 GA Heavy Duty Corrugated Rib roof with a 3:12 pitch and 24″ overhangs, including rain gutters and trim on all buildings.

Our Shed Row Barns are crafted with durability in mind, from the galvanized steel frame to the precision-engineered roof and trim. Customize your barn with additional stalls, tack rooms, or feed storage under the porch to create a fully functional horse care facility that meets all your needs.

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